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Operation Child Care is solving the Military Child Care crisis, one family at a time.

Operation Child Care

is solving the

Military Child Care crisis,

one family at a time.

Military families in Hampton Roads, Virginia, can count on Operation Child Care, the first and only military spouse-owned nanny referral agency exclusively serving them with military-affiliated nannies. 

At last, military families have a tailored solution that perfectly suits their needs.

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Need Help Figuring Out Your Military Child Care Options?

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Norfolk, Virginia Child Care Search

The first Military Child Care Search tool is here! Start searching child care to fit your unique needs now.

We know how hard it can be to find quality, affordable child care.

I'm Kayla, a Military Spouse and Military Family Advocate.

Operation Child Care was founded because I've witnessed first hand the lifelong effects that a lack of affordable, quality child care can have on a Military Family. Military child care assistance is a tricky topic and I've had the privilege of helping families navigate it for almost a decade. Through advocacy, programming, and free access to knowledge, Operation Child Care supports our troops by supporting their families.

What does Operation Child Care do?


Military Affiliated Nannies

No one possesses a deeper understanding of our community's needs than the community itself, and that's precisely why Operation Child Care exclusively collaborates with military-affiliated nannies. These nannies are intimately familiar with the challenges of receiving last-minute orders or transitioning to new neighborhoods without a support system, making them the ideal choice to assist your family. As a recognized MSEP (Military Spouse Employment Partnership) employer, Operation Child Care is dedicated to providing opportunities to the military community.


Exclusively Serves Military Families

The evidence is indisputable: child care is the number one factor driving the majority, if not all, of the challenges military families face. It has consistently emerged as the leading contributor to unemployment, spiraling into debt, food insecurity, and diminished mission readiness. This is precisely why Operation Child Care says, "Supporting our troops means supporting their families".


Event Child Care

Operation Child Care introduces the first-ever on-site child care service tailored explicitly for conferences and events catering to the military community. This addresses a critical gap that has long been neglected. In alignment with our commitment to inclusivity and dismantling barriers,  has now expanded offering this service for civilian organizations and non-profits. While firmly rooted in serving military families, OCC acknowledges the universal nature of these challenges. As we extend our services to encompass civilian events, we strive to contribute to a more equitable landscape, where the potential of all individuals can be fully realized.


"How amazing and a much needed service ."


"I wish something like this had existed when I was on my first tour in the Navy - a single parent geographically separated from my family and support network and a sailor on a shift work schedule."  


"This is fantastic! Thank you for making something like this!"


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