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Operation Child Care is solving the Military Child Care crisis, one family at a time.

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Military Child Care Search

The first of its kind Military Child Care Search tool is here! Start searching child care to fit your unique needs now.

We know how hard it can be to find quality, affordable child care.

I'm Kayla, a Military Spouse and Military Family Advocate

Operation Child Care was founded because I've witnessed first hand the lifelong effects that a lack of affordable, quality child care can have on a Military Family. Military child care assistance is a tricky topic and I've had the privilege of helping families navigate it for almost a decade. Through advocacy, programming, and free access to knowledge, Operation Child Care supports our troops by supporting their families.

What does Operation Child Care do?


Information Sharing

By freely offering information on our website about Military child care options, as well

as additional resources, we help Military Families make informed decisions. Find options on the Military Child Care Resources page. Coming soon, Norfolk area child care search.



We make it our mission to listen to the lived experiences of those around us. In doing so, we learn what others are lacking and how we can help. Have a story to share? Click below to tell us about the struggles you've faced searching for Military child care.



Activism is best done by those in positions of power. And while Operation Child Care does not yet have the resources necessary to make the change we wish to see, we will keep writing emails, making phone calls, and talking to families until we do. Read about some of our recent work here.

We’ve done the leg work, so you don’t have to.

Kayla Corbitt, Founder of Operation Child Care, has been assisting Military Families for nearly a decade. With her vast knowledge of child care, she put together an extensive list of search options all in one place. No need to create a username, wait for weeks, or scour the internet for where to even begin your Subsidized child care options. Check them all out here.

Ready to work with Operation Child Care?

Let's get started. Click below to begin the application process. It takes less than two minutes.



"How amazing and a much needed service ."


"I wish something like this had existed when I was on my first tour in the Navy - a single parent geographically separated from my family and support network and a sailor on a shift work schedule."  


"This is fantastic! Thank you for making something like this!"


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