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Meet The Team

Kayla Corbitt - Operation Child Care

Kayla Corbitt

Founder & Owner

As a passionate advocate for the military community and a successful entrepreneur, I am dedicated to supporting the unique needs of military families. With over 10 years of experience in the military child care field, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our service members and their families.


As a speaker and expert in military child care, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I have spoken at numerous conferences and events, sharing my insights on the importance of quality child care for military families and its impact on our military's readiness.


In addition to my work in the military child care realm, I am also a successful entrepreneur. I have started a business from my passion, providing innovative solutions for military families. My entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success have helped me to create this company that is making a real impact in the lives of military families.


With my unique combination of skills and experience, I am committed to making a difference in the lives of military families and furthering the cause of military advocacy.

Lizzie VanEeuwen - Operation Child Care

Lizzie VanEeuwen

Director of Operations

Heidi Brostowicz - Operation Child Care

Heidi Brostowicz

Social Media Manager

Operation Child Care - Nanny Yvonne

Nanny Yvonne


Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Operation Child Care serve? 

Operation Child Care (OCC) serves Active Duty, Retired/Separated, Reserves/Guard, Coast Guard, DOD Civilians/Contractors, and their families. Any Department of Defense affiliated personnel can apply to be a Care Giver. This may mean you are a Military Spouse, an adult-dependent, a family member of a contractor, or any other affiliation. Feel free to reach out if you are unsure. 

As a Care Giver, what benefits do I receive by using your services?

OCC facilitates the payments between Family and Care Giver so it's never late. All families have been individually interviewed by our staff to help ensure safety as well as to educate families on treating Care Givers as the professionals they are. In addition, we attempt to facilitate all warm handoffs when there is a relocation if we are actively serving the new area. This allows us to place both parties with new individuals as quickly as possible. 

What is the difference between a Nanny and a babysitter? 

All of our Care Givers, regardless of title, provide reliable and quality child care.

A sitter is most often used in the very short term, a few days a month, usually for a date night or PCS-related needs. A sitter usually does this work for extra money and it is not their full-time job.

A nanny does all of the tasks a sitter does (guarantees safety, nutrition, engagement, etc.) as a profession. This means a nanny focuses on your children and their individual needs over time. They may complete extra duties as negotiated like light housework, transportation, laundry, and meal preparation. Since this is a profession Nannies are also paid in a professional way. Like in most professions a full-time nanny receives PTO, paid holidays, and sick time.

Are Care Givers 

guaranteed a minimum wage?

At OCC we have standard minimum wages in accordance with the cost of living at various bases. As an example, in Texas, there is currently a $15 minimum wage for all OCC contractors. While in this example $15 is the minimum wage, it doesn’t mean that is the price you must settle on. We offer our Care Givers and families a guide for determining fair wages in negotiation.

How are fees assessed?

Too often companies hiring Military Spouses take significant portions of their wages because they know that spouses are overeducated and underemployed. We believe that you DESERVE the totality of your wages because you are the one doing the work. OCC does not collect any fees from our Care Givers. All fees are paid by the families who are seeking care.

As a Care Giver, can I bring my own children with me? 

If you have children yourself who need care, it is entirely up to the family whether this will be allowed. We understand that childcare is hard to come by and sometimes you need to be both a parent and a professional. Some families like when their caregiver has children who are around the same age as their child for socialization. If you have children who you will sometimes/always need to have with you please let us know so we can match you up with families who accept this.

What is a Nanny share?

A nanny share is perfect for families who want additional socialization for their child, they cannot afford a nanny alone, or only need part-time care. A nanny share is when two (or more) families split a nanny’s wages amongst themselves in exchange for the nanny caring for all of their children. OCC does have a two-family or three children limit for a nanny share. This means if three families only have one child, you can contract with all three. If two families have three or more children combined then you can only contract with those two families. This is to ensure the quality of the care doesn’t suffer.

How are Care Givers paid?

Care Givers will be paid twice a month at the rate contracted with their family. If the family has contracted work for 20 hours a week, but only used 15, you still get paid for the full 20 hours. Families pay in advance which ensures Care Givers receive a paycheck for all hours contracted.

Does Operation Child Care perform background checks?

Once a Care Giver has been interviewed, reference checked, and selected by our agency, a background check is conducted. This is at no charge to the Care Giver or the family.

Does Operation Child Care handle my taxes?

All Care Givers are considered OCC contract employees and will be issued a 1099. Due to the complex nature of our community and their home of record, we do not handle taxes for any contractors or families. There may be additional tax implications depending on your situation. We recommend that you contact a Military One Source tax professional.

What if a Family and Care Giver are having issues?

We encourage Care Givers and families to write out their communication plans in their contracts. If this isn’t enough, feel free to reach out to our team and let us know what is happening. We are happy to facilitate communication or assist in terminating the contracts if needed.



Operation Child Care strives to operate with complete honesty, reliability, and with all patrons in mind.


The military community rises together and falls together. OCC tackles all tasks with the same vigor as the last.


We fiercely believe in everyone having a seat at the table. This at times means that we do not affiliate with people, places, or companies that are exclusionary.


Every family and person is different and has a unique set of needs. Through Integrity, Inclusion, and Passion we learn from others by listening to their stories.

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