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Would you like for Operation Child Care to speak at your next event or help consult on your next project?

As Operation Child Care travels across the United States, we bring captivating talks and invaluable consulting services to corporations committed to supporting military families and spouse employment opportunities. Our dedication extends to organizations genuinely caring about the military quality of life, and we take pride in engaging with military personnel at events tailored for them.

Despite millions of dollars allocated to military quality of life, progress often falls short of expectations. Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations often struggle to access the feedback they need. What sets Operation Child Care apart is our founder, Kayla Corbitt, an active-duty spouse, who works closely with everyday military spouses, ensuring a genuine and relatable perspective.

We understand the unique challenges faced by military families, and we're here to guide you and your company in crafting policies that offer comprehensive support. Whether through in-person engagements or virtual meetings via Zoom, we are at ease in connecting with our audience.

Choose Operation Child Care for a journey of purposeful change and let's create a brighter future together.

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