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Childcare Options for Each Branch

Searching for subsidized and unsubsidized childcare options can take hours only to find out you do not qualify. So we created this useful table of the most readily available options. Please reach out to your Chain of Command if you need additional support. Alternatively, if you have questions about what is listed below, feel free to email 

Subsidized Care Options

On-base Child Development Center join a

waitlist at this link. You will need to create an

account if you have not already. (Age 6 weeks to 5 years)

Family Child Care In-home daycares are

located on the military base. You can use the

same link as above to see availability. (Age 2

weeks to 12 years)

Civilian childcare with Child Care Aware

eligibility. These centers or homes pass

through rigorous standards and are eligible

for subsidy in Active Duty Army families. You

can search participating locations at

this link. (Age 2 weeks to 12 years)

Unsubsidized Care Options

In-home daycares or other civilian centers

that do not qualify for the Child Care Aware

subsidy can be located by checking the

website of your state. Scroll down to the

bottom of this page to find your state.

Nanny/Au Pair If you are in the San Antonio or Norfolk area, Operation Child Care is currently rolling out services exclusively to DOD affiliated families. Fill out an application if you want to learn more.

Social media groups or commercial sites

can be searched for individuals wishing to

care for your children. This requires full

accountability for families and their own

due diligence.

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