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Navigating Child Care and Respite Care for EFMP Families: A Comprehensive Guide

Families with Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) children face unique challenges when finding suitable child care and respite care options. The EFMP provides support and resources to military families who have dependents with special needs. However, understanding the differences between child care and respite care and navigating the various programs can be overwhelming. In this new page on our website, you can learn more about how EFMP families can navigate the world of child care and respite care.

Understanding Child Care and Respite Care

Child care and respite care are often confused, but it's crucial to recognize their distinctions. Child care is designed to provide care for children while their parents work or pursue education. On the other hand, respite care offers temporary relief to primary caregivers by providing assistance in caring for a child with special needs.

EFMP Families | Respite Care is Not Child Care

This new webpage serves as a valuable resource for families who are exploring care options for their EFMP child for the first time. It provides basic accessibility information on both child care and respite care, outlining the available options to save families time in their journey. This page will be updated as legislation changes.

Respite Care by Branch

The page includes information on respite care programs specific to each branch of the military. It details the eligibility criteria, hours of care provided, and the process for applying for respite care. The information is divided by branch, covering the Army, Air Force/Space Force, Marines, and Navy.

Child Care for EFMP

This section clarifies that child care can be used for work and education purposes. It provides guidance on applying for military fee assistance and suggests contacting some linked local resources to inquire about EFMP-trained child care resources.

Insurance-Related Respite Care: TRICARE ECHO Program

The webpage also explains the TRICARE ECHO program, which offers supplemental services for Active Duty Family Members with qualifying disabilities. It covers the eligibility criteria and requirements for accessing various services, such as ECHO Home Health Care (EHHC) and EHHC Respite Care.

Additional EFMP Resources

To further support EFMP families, the page includes information on resources such as the ARCH National Respite Network, Medicaid waivers, EFMP support groups, and a digital Individualized Education Program (IEP) binder. It also highlights the importance of legislation and advocacy in improving the support available to EFMP families.

Navigating the world of child care and respite care can be complex for EFMP families. The launch of Operation Child Care’s new webpage dedicated to assisting these families is a valuable resource that provides comprehensive information on child care and respite care options. By outlining the eligibility criteria, application processes, and available resources, the webpage aims to make the journey easier for families seeking appropriate care for their EFMP child. Remember, this webpage serves as a starting point, and families are encouraged to reach out for further support and updates. Together, we can provide the necessary assistance for EFMP families and ensure their children receive the care they deserve.

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